Thursday 6th February

Dusk Series 1


Lucy Gould
Violin – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Christian Eisenberger
Violin – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Iris Juda
Viola – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Howard Penny
Cello – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Dane Roberts
Double Bass – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Matthew Wilkie
Bassoon – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Marie Lloyd
Clarinet – Chamber Orchestra of Europe

Sophie Rowell

Tobias Brieder

Chris Howlett


L.v. Beethoven – String Trio Op 9 No 1
Sophie, Tobias, Chris

Poulenc – Sonata for Bassoon and Clarinet FP 32a
Marie, Matthew

Schubert – 5 Minutes and 6 Trios D89
Christian, Lucy, Iris, Howard, Dane

Thursday 6th February, 5.00PM

Ulumbarra Theatre

60 minutes

Summer Nights Series 2 – A Year in the life of Beethoven. 1802

Date: Thursday 6th February, 7:30PM
Venue: Capital Theatre
Duration 90 minutes with interval


Lucy Gould (Violin – Chamber Orchestra of Europe)
Christian Eisenberger (Violin – – Chamber Orchestra of Europe)
Iris Juda (Viola – – Chamber Orchestra of Europe)
Howard Penny (Cello – Chamber Orchestra of Europe)
Dane Roberts (Double Bass – Chamber Orchestra of Europe)
Sophie Rowell (Violin)
Stefan Cassomenos (Piano)
Daniel de Borah (Piano)
Merlyn Quaife (Soprano)


L.v. Beethoven – Violin Sonata No 9 Op 47 “Kreutzer”
(Sophie, Daniel)

L.v. Beethoven – Six Variations in F major, Op 34

L.v. Beethoven – 6 Landlerische Tanze for string trio WoO.15
(Christian, Lucy, Dane)


L.v. Beethoven – 6 Songs Op.48
(Merlyn, Daniel)

L.v. Beethoven – Symphony No.2 in D major Op.36
(Stefan, Lucy, Howard)